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Hey great job with this piece you did a good job of seperating the two hair colors and the hat, the shading is spectacular, and the sha...

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                            THE ILLUSION CAFE~ Chapter one Food Facades.

    A Sizzling sound hummed through the air, The smell of the salmon on the grill producing a tantalizing smell. It was another unusually busy night in the kitchen at the Illusion Cafe. And resident Chef Thomas was merrily powering through the last couple two orders from the evening meals. A pair of grilled salmon steaks paired with a fine cream sauce and sautéed vegetables.
Swiftly placing the meals up on the bar with his usual flourish, for Lucillia his uh, how could he put it fairly,boss or owner would work to grab. Thomas deked into the bathroom to clean up. Staring into the mirror with his cool steady gaze he saw once again what he saw daily, his unruly mop of pitch black hair barely covering either of his cool greyish blue eyes."Another day another dollar He thought exhaustedly". At least now he had could grab a celebratory drink from Lucillia, Gathering his energy and willpower he climbed to his feet, and strode out towards the bar. A lilting musical laugh could be heard from the front known as just another feature of the mysterious bar maid, as she came into view, Thomas was once again reminded of the breathtaking radiance of his fellow maid,From her long dark blue hair, and her pale shimmering skin, she was gorgeous. Thomas couldn't help but take a brief but chaste enjoyment of her curves, from the nape of her slender neck down to her rather tight and admirable, hell nigh perfect butt.(and as much as he would never be caught dead looking, Her rather impressively large chest.)Lucillia turned around at that point, catching his gaze and flashing him a mysterious smile which never seemed to touch her eyes while pointing towards where she had his Rum prepared at his usual spot up at the oaken bar. Taking a deep pull of the drink Thomas fixed Lucillia in his gaze, "That was another incredibly busy night Luce, You better find someone to help me back here and FAST" he stated in a disgruntled fashion. a brief spark of anger flashed through her eyes as she caught him with her intense fiery red gaze. "The day you start giving me orders Thom, Not my fault this place is nearly impossible to track down. Besides I put ads out every way I know how. So don't question me youngling. She stated in her smooth silky tone of voice. Thomas begrudgingly agreed knowing he had little chance of winning against her. So he sat back and enjoyed his Rum, and watched while Lucillia went through her swift and professional clean up behind the bar. moving about with her usual athletic flair, Thomas sat back and thought about his situation.

Y'see as it happens Lucillia was a succubus, Ah but where most succubi sought to feed off of well ahem, shall we say more sexual encounters, Lucillia was unique in that she found a way simply to feed off of peoples good vibes, And so Lucillia opened the Illusion cafe, a multidimensional restaurant which would blink in and out of various realities. Thomas was working off a debt to her that his father worked up before he passed away from heart problems, But after he took over his fathers position, His much more refined cooking skills quickly brought fresh business into the establishment which led to his currently overworked situation. Lucy and Thomas proceeded to chat shop talk for the next hour while she finished her cleanup, Lucy almost glowing after the meal she had herself that evening. It was about ten minutes before they shut down for the evening when one last person entered the bar. Gazing into his drink Thomas barely looked up before hearing an ADORABLE voice squeak behind him "uh...uhm...excuse this the illusion cafe? I heard you guys were looking for a cook? she stated trying to add bravery to her voice to little effect. "But of course sweetling Lucillia crooned. Come take a seat, while I read your resume Miss Tali . Thomas turned as he heard a creaking sound coming from where this new girl chose to sit and turned to see what appeared to be a pink haired behemoth sitting down next to him. His jaw dropped as he admired the large voluptuous curves and planes of the easily 280 pound woman sitting next to him, She was beautiful he thought to himself letting his gaze play over her rather large soft looking belly poking out from a two size too tight T shirt past her huge boobs, which seemed to be fighting a losing battle against gravity up to her cherub like face, with her big round eyes and cute happy smile. Y'see the one reason Thomas has been able to successfully work with a succubus for so long without having his soul drained was his natural preference for larger women something he couldn't help but ponder as his gaze finally reached her massive jiggly booty kept in check by a pair of sweats. snapping back to reality as he heard "You're hired" He realized that he was looking face to face with his new coworker, Things at the Illusion cafe, Were about to get interesting
Just starting a piece, It's going to get interesting from here, Not sure what kinda fetishy things I'm gonna end up throwing into it, But, after being "inspired" By several other like minded authors on here, I couldn't help it. Have fun ^_^
Figured about time I wrote a piece of my own, But, where to start, what characters to create and use, Who knows, but it's about time I try adding something to this website lol, try my own shot at it. Wish me luck.


Jordie somethingelse
Hi my names Jordie somethingelse, 20 years old I am in some ways an otaku and in some ways not so much, I love art but am terrible at it, do not expect much from me in the ways of art. But I do enjoy commenting on other peoples pictures as much as I love a good pun. enjoy reading and always willing to talk to new people. Keep on drawing I will keep on complimenting, bravo and ciao ^_^.

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